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DIY Multi Glitter Sunglasses

My favorite accessory is hands down, sunglasses!  My eyes are sensitive to wind, the cold, sunlight…everything it seems, and I use sunglasses year round to keep my eyes from watering.  I love matching them to my outfits, and I’ve grown quite the collection! I store them on this pretty acrylic shelf, which you can find on my previous post.  Despite the array of fun options for sunglasses out there, sometimes I cant find the exact pair I’m looking for.  Though glitter cat eye sunglasses are out there, I hadn’t found a pair with multi-colored glitter, so I decided to make them myself!

I was going for a brighter color palette, but this hue has a “unicorn” vibe to them that I love.  Being handmade (and using a tricky/messy substance like glitter) means they aren’t perfect, so try not to get frustrated like I with minuscule imperfections.  Check out instructions below on how to make your own multi- glitter sunglasses!



  • Mod Podge
  • Container of Extra Fine Multi-color glitter OR packet of multiple glitters to mix together
  • Triple Thick Glaze
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Sunglasses (I purchased mine here)
  • Exacto Blade
  • Tape
  • Disposable Paper Plate
  • Small bowl (if mixing glitters together)



  1. It’s ideal to be able to pop the lenses out of the glasses, but if you are afraid of breaking them, or are incapable of taking them out like I was, start by covering the lenses with tape.  Press tightly into the crevices where the lenses meet the frames.IMG_2258
  2. CAREFULLY cut the excess tape at the edges of the lenses with your exacto blade.  Exactos can easily make nicks on the lenses, so take it slow.IMG_2259
  3. If you are mixing your glitter together like I did, empty all the colors into a small bowl and mix with the end of your paint brush.IMG_2260IMG_2261
  4. **I got over excited on finishing these glasses and forgot to continue with photos, whoops!**   In small sections (so the glue doesn’t try before you apply the glitter) apply mod podge in a thin layer with your paint brush.
  5. With the glasses hovering over paper plate, sprinkle glitter onto the glasses where you applied glue.  Tap the glasses with your finer to remove excess glitter.
  6. Continue covering the glasses with thin layers of glue and sprinkle glitter.  I started with the “face” of the glasses so I could hold onto the “stems” while applying the glue.  When it came to the sides of the face, I waited to apply glitter to the bottom sides until the other sides dried, so I had a clean side to place on the plate while the layers of glitter/glue dried.  I left the interior of the face to be bare from glitter for comfort on the face.
  7. Once the face of the glasses is covered and has dried for about five minutes (or until not tacky) I applied a thin layer of triple thick glaze over the glitter.  This helps to keep the glitter from shedding all over you and your clothes!
  8. I let the glaze dry for about 30 minutes, and then applied a second layer of mod podge and glitter to fill any gaps where I could see the black of my sunglasses.  Let this layer dry for about 5 minutes.
  9. Apply a second layer of glaze to the glittered face.  Let dry for another 30 minutes.
  10. Once the face of the glasses are dry, repeat the steps of glue/glitter and then glaze to the stems of the glasses and the remaining bottom side of the face.  You can allow the stems and bottom side of the face to dry without smudging by placing the glasses face down (and stems folded out).  Allow to dry for an hour.
  11. Carefully remove the tape from the lenses.  You will have alot of loose glitter stuck to the glasses.  To remove the excess glitter, I used the handheld nozzle of my vacuum to suck away the glitter (funny I know, but it worked!).  You now have pair of fabulous multi-glitter sunglasses!


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Travel Inspired Tees

It’s no secret that I love to travel, my job revolves around it and I take every chance I can to visit new places on my own time.  There is something so exciting about experiencing a new city, culture, and tasting local cuisine.  For me, it’s a lifestyle, not a hobby.  So having some travel inspired clothing is a no brainer!  I don’t wear too many logo tees, but I couldn’t resist having this Airplane Mode shirt for my workouts or loungewear.



The Nordstrom version is $88, so I knew I could easily make this cute shirt for under $20 with my own personal touch.  A little heat transfer vinyl in a block letter print on my basic cotton tee and I easily created this shirt (and a tank for my friend).  However, if you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut Machine, or you want a different idea for your own DIY travel tee, check out the links below!



You Had Me At Hawaii

The World Is Yours

Airplane Mode

Not All Who Wonder Are Lost

Paper plane

The Best Stories Are Found Between A Pages of A Passport

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Catch Flights Not Feelings

Vacation Mode



Chocolate Protein Donuts

I have a pretty strong sweet tooth, so it’s hard to resist sweet treats when presented to me.  ZERO will power.  I’ve been curbing my sugar craving somewhat with my daily protein bars, which are much more nutritious and can taste just like a candy bar depending on the brand.  When I discovered Protein Donuts on Pinterest, I knew I had to give them a try, despite my lack of baking skills.  I experimented with this recipe from for Double Chocolate Protein Donuts, and tweaked the icing recipe to be a plain cream cheese frosting instead of chocolate.

I’ll be honest, low calorie protein donuts are not like ordinary donuts.  Their sweetness (at least in this particular recipe) was much more subtle and the texture is more cake-like, but I still enjoyed them for a snack.  If you are looking for a low calorie sweet treat, give these a try, or another of the many protein donut recipes you can find on Pinterest.  Below is’s recipe with my tweaks.


Double Chocolate Protein Donuts

 Servings: 6 donuts
**Original Recipe is 89 cal per donut and 11 grams of protein**


  • 1/4 C All Purpose Flour
  • 1 scoop Protein Powder Chocolate
  • 2 servings (92g) Liquid Egg Whites
  • 1/2 C (120g) Canned Pumpkin
  • 2 Tbsp Stevia or 0-Cal Sweetener
  • 1 Tbsp Apple Sauce
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 15 g (3 servings) Unsweetened Cocoa Powder


  • 1 serving (32g) Fat-Free Cream Cheese
  • 1 serving Sugar-Free Chocolate Syrup
  • 1 scoop Protein Powder Chocolate

** I eliminated the chocolate syrup and protein powder and instead added 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar.  Also garnished donuts with rainbow sprinkles**


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and spray donut pan with low-cal cooking spray.
2.  Mix pronut ingredients in a large mixing bowl until smooth.
3.  Fill donut pan evenly and bake for 15 minutes.
4.  To make your frosting, mix cream cheese (room temp helps), chocolate syrup, and one scoop of protein powder together until creamy.
5.  To cover donuts, allow them to cool briefly and dip them face down into frosting mixture. Twist them back and forth in a circular motion and remove to let the frosting set. Voila!
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DIY Kate Spade Inspired Heart Shoes

One shining spot of winter is the sparkling decorations that come with Valentine’s Day.  I’m a sucker for anything in a red/pink combo and glitter everything!  I’m not one to fuss much about the actual expectations of the holiday, but I love decorating and dressing up for it!  When I saw the Valentine’s collection from Kate Spade, I fell in LOVE with their Kade Flats, but knew they were not in my budget.  I decided they looked easy enough to replicate, and I got to work!

This project was under $30 and the best part is, these hearts are shoe clips!  I can switch out with a different pair of clips on these great striped flats, or keep them unadorned.  Check out the easy instructions below on how to make your own Valentine Heart Flats.



  • Striped Flats (Bought mine here)
  • Glitter Foam
  • Felt
  • Shoe Clips or Clip on Earrings (found at your local craft or jewelry making stores)
  • Printer OR Cutting Machine like Silhouette/Cricut
  • Sheet of copy paper
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Super Glue

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 8.13.34 PM.png


  1. Using the heart graphic above, either cut the design with your cutting machine or print the design on your sheet of copy paper.  This will be the template to trace your hearts onto the foam.  I did 2″ width hearts, but feel free to make them bigger or smaller depending on your desired look.  If you print the hearts, cut them out.
  2. Using your cut out hearts, trace the design onto the non-glitter side of your foam.  Once traced on to the foam, cut them out.IMG_1037 (1)
  3. Cut two small pieces of felt with your fabric scissors to cover the back of the clip on earring or shoe clip.  This step is to help curb irritation from the metal clip on your skin by covering it with felt.  Hot glue the felt pieces to the back of the clips.IMG_1038.jpg
  4. Find the placement you want the clips to be on the back of the foam hearts and super glue.  You want to make sure the clips are far enough down the heart that they will not be seen when the heart is flipped right side up.IMG_1041.jpgIMG_1039
  5. Let dry for a few minutes, and then your heart shoe clips are ready to be worn on your flats!


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I LOVE DONUTS Valentine’s Day Banner


Sometimes the hype and expectations of Valentine’s Day is just too much!  I don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously, for a long time I just celebrated Galentine’s Day with my friends, and when I met Ryan, we kept things simple.  No need for a fancy restaurant, or expensive gift, we just made sure we spent a little extra time together, because life gets so busy.  That’s why I wanted to have some fun with my Valentine’s decor this year, and profess my love…for donuts!  They’re a rare luxury for me, but oh so good when I indulge!


I used some glitter cardstock for the letters, brown paper for the donuts, and some fun rainbow/gold flecked paper for the icing (all from Michael’s).  Taped them to string and voila!  Donut banner!  I bought the gold flecked rainbow paper for the icing because it looked like sprinkles, but any colorful paper with swirls, stripes or dots would be equally as cute!  Screenshot the graphics below for the letters, donut and icing, which could be printed and cut with scissors, or used in a Silhouette or Cricut machine.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 4.56.42 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 4.58.16 PM.png

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DIY Retro Jet Setter Tee


V-Neck  /  Pants  /  Heels  /  Purse

My love of travel is pretty much equal to my love of vintage, so making a shirt that combines both was a no brainer!  I don’t wear many tees with lettering, but I couldn’t resist when I found this font.  There are so many great free retro fonts (and all other types of fonts) on, so I recommend taking a look for your next project.

For this project, I shopped at Michael’s for a v-neck tee in their craft clothing section and heat transfer vinyl, all for under $15.  I love the pink with the glitter, but if you are looking for a combo with more clarity of the text, I’d recommend a darker vinyl with a light colored shirt or vice versa.  Mine is super glam, but a little hard to see.  Screenshot this graphic to make your own with any Silhouette or Cricut machine!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.43.26 PM


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DIY Cat Shelves

Randomly, at the beginning of this week, my husband mused about the idea of adding padded shelves to our living room wall for the cats to scale…so I said, why not!


He did most of the work, I just upholstered and helped hang them; I’m always appreciative of the teamwork with him since it gets done faster!  Even if my #craftingfrustrations get the better of me during it.  I didn’t document every step of the process, but listed below are some rough directions on how we made them.


  •  1 in x 10 in x 6 ft Wood Plank
  • Circular Saw
  • Saw Horse
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Drill bit for pre-drilling (#8 or #10 are standard sizes)
  • Staple Gun and Staples
  • Upholstery Foam
  • 2-3 Yards of Fabric
  • Fabric Scissors
  • 3 Sets of Bookshelf L-Brackets
  • 18 nails or screws (We needed a certain length because of our old plaster walls)


1. Measure the length you want your 3 planks to be on the wall.  They will be zigzagged on the wall, so you want them appropriately spaced apart so the cats can jump, but also long enough for them to lounge on.  We made ours 20″ in length with a triangle cut off at one end (for aesthetically “soft” transitions and ideally makes it easier for the cats to jump from plank to plank).

2. Cut the 3 planks from your piece of lumber (with or without the cut off angles).

3. Once planks are cut, measure and cut foam to fit atop each plank.

4. Staple foam to planks around perimeter and in middle if need be (my husband was staple happy with securing the foam).


5. Place first plank, foam side down, on end of fabric, which is righ side down.  Wrap fabric around one of the long sides, and staple in the center to initially secure the fabric the plank.


6. Continue to staple the fabric on the one side, making sure the fabric is even.  If the staples are not flush with the plank, hammer them down.

7.  Next wrap fabric around short side of plank without angle.  Pull taut and staple.


8.  When you get to the corner, pull fabric very tight so there is little wrinkle as possible (but there will be some wrinkle) and staple.

9. Wrap fabric from opposite long side all the way around plank and cut with a couple inches of slack.  You’ll want this slack so that you can fold the rough cut edge in when stapled.

10. Tuck in edges of fabric to meet end of plank, pull taught, and staple along edge.  Staple along long side and short side without angle.


11. The angled side is tricky and hard to explain.  I folded the extra fabric hanging because of the angle inward and then pulled the fabric taut in at an angle.  Staple along edge.


12. Tuck remaining fabric in on short side and staple.


13.  Repeat steps 5-12 on two other planks.


14.  Next is the brackets.  Measure where they should be placed, we placed them 3″ in on each side and drill in screws to secure brackets.


15.  Once all the brackets are secured on planks, measure where planks should be placed on wall. We had each plank spaced 18″ apart.

16. Place highest plank against wall, ensure its straight with level, and mark screw/nail holes with pen mark.  (It will probably be a two person job)


17.  Pre-drill holes.

18.  Place plank against wall once again and match up brackets with pre-drilled holes.  Nail brackets to wall.

19. Repeat steps 16-18 on other 2 planks.


Your cat shelves are complete!




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Bowling Shirt DIY


What’s more retro than bowling?!  If only every bowling experience was like the super cheesy but fun bowling scene from Grease 2, dancing in bright bowling shirts and getting a strike every time…the reality for me is gutter ball central.  But it’s fun all the same!  I was gifted my own bowling ball and shoes a few years back by my husband, along with his mother’s old bowling bag.  Matching accessories, he knows me so well! Haha.  It’s been awhile since I broke them out, but once I found out we were having a sushi and bowling outing with friends, I knew I needed to dust them off and give them a spin (or a roll)!


This was also the perfect time for my bowling shirt DIY, the perfect retro addition to my bowling ensemble.  Combining my dorky love of cats and retro, I designed this graphic for the back of my bowling shirt, thanks to some free vectors from The Noun Project (Bowling Pin, Cat 1, Cat 2).  I used heat transfer vinyl and my handy Silhouette cutting machine, and voila, custom bowling shirt!  I purchased this red bowling shirt for $33.19, but using a regular collared button up would be just as cute.  Download this graphic to make your own Alley Cat shirt, or create a custom bowling shirt with your own design!




Christmas Spice Spray


Christmas, my favorite holiday!  I love to try new, unique decorations and I really love to make homemade gifts!  They’re personal and can be done on a budget, which is especially helpful when you have many to make!  For my airline friends, I thought a scented spray would be perfect (we unfortunately have a “fragrant” work space…). These sprays were decorated and filled in less than a couple hours, so it’s a super easy project.  The recipe I used was supposedly to create an “apple pie” scent, and though it doesn’t smell very apple-like, it’s a nice spicy scent that is quintessential Christmas.



– Small Spray Bottles

– Cinnamon Essential Oil

– Clove Essential Oil

– Distilled Water

– Washi Tape

– Clear Packing Tape (optional)

**I bought my bottles and essential oils on Amazon for super cheap.  The washi tape was on sale at Michaels and the distilled water at my grocery**


To decorate the bottles, I simply wrapped washi tape in stripes across the bottle.  I didn’t measure, just eyeballed it and tried to evenly space them apart.  I noticed the washi tape slightly pulling up after awhile on the bottle, so I covered the stripes in clear packing tape to extra secure them.

For the spray, I mixed the distilled water and essential oils in a small mixing bowl.  I did batches of 1 cup distilled water with 6 drops of cinnamon oil and 3 drops of clove oil.  I used a measuring cup above the mixing bowl (to avoid spillage) to pour the mixture into the bottles.  When there was no more mixture, I started a new batch with the same ratios.  It took me about 3-4 batches to fill 8 bottles.  Easy enough!


3 Unique Bows To Decorate Your Presents

When I was growing up, I was the designated present wrapper at Christmas.  It might have had to do with my creativity and decorating flair…or my mom really didn’t like to wrap and it kept me occupied for awhile, haha.  When I had the supplies at hand, I’d craft my own bows and add lots of Robbin.  Anything to make that present more special to admire, and then tear apart!  Below are three cheap and easy ways to add pizazz to your presents this year.




This is the easiest of the three bows.  I simply wrapped the present in a medium sized ribbon and then attached 5 small bows at even intervals.  I found these sparkly bows last year in the discount section of Michael’s, but you could also use standard mini bows that you find in packs during Christmas time.  If you can’t find minus, using 3 small standard bows would look nice as well.



I used tinsel I bought at the Dollar Tree and discounted thin ribbon from Michael’s on this present.  Wrap the tinsel around your hand several times and then cut.  Tuck the end inside the loop.  Take a piece of cut ribbon and secure the loop of tinsel in the middle (knot twice).  **Make sure the piece of cut ribbon has some “tails” so you can secure the Pom Pom to the ribbon tied around the gift (It would be difficult to tape the Pom Pom to the gift, so this step is important)**



You’ll need a piece of felt, fabric sheers, a sharpie, and hot glue.  I used the picture below to guide me as I hand drew the shapes with sharpie onto the felt.  I drew half of the “tail” and half of the “bow tie” and folded the felt in half before I cut.  This helps you achieve matching sides of the bow.  Simply cut a strip of felt for the third piece.  I then laid out the pieces, folding the bow tie onto itself, with the tabs meeting in the middle.  If your tail comes out more ‘fishy’ than you’d like (mine certainly did), trim the tail until it looks more like a traditional ribbon end.

Put a dab of hot glue in the center of the tail and attach the bow tie.  Add another dab of glue in the center and fold the bow tie onto itself again with the tabs being secured in the hot glue.  Wrap the remaining strip around the center to hide the tabs and give the bow a finished look.