Dresses For The Holiday Season

Now that November is here, my favorite time of year has arrive! The parties, the festive decor, the food, and the gathering of friends and family…it’s a glorious time.  I also immensely enjoy dressing up for the holidays (shocker, right?) Twirling dresses, a touch of plaid or sparkle, and vibrant colors to contrast with the gloomy weather outside.  Here are my top picks for each occasion of this holiday season!




I love wearing warm colors for thanksgiving, like burnt orange or wine red.  It’s also one of the rare times I like to accent with brown, since it seems very fitting for the occasion.





1. Golden Yellow Rose Dress

2. Brown Koi Dress

3. Orange Key Hole Dress

4. Plaid Hankerchief Dress

5. Yellow Bell Sleeve Dress

6. Plaid Shirt Dress 




For Christmas I enjoy cozy velvets, bright plaid/buffalo check, polka dots, and lots of red!





1. Black Plaid Shirt Dress

2. Blue Plaid Swing Dress

3. Red Cowl Neck Dress

4. Velvet Scalloped Dress

5. Red Shiny Dress

6. Polka Dot Dress




New Year’s Eve is a time for sparkle, and lots of it! But if glitter is not your thing, there are plenty of glamorous dresses to choose from, with pops of color or classic black.



1. Green Lace Dress

2. Teal Lace Dress

3. Black Snowflake Dress

4. Pink Velvet Dress

5. Navy Star Dress

6. Lace Bell Sleeve Dress



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