Comfortable Retro Style Heels

It’s no secret that I love dressing up! I use it as an outlet to express my personality, especially since I tend to be shy with new people.  I feel my best in a beautiful dress and heels, but heels never used to love me back.  They would start hurting in less than hour, and hobbling around is not a fun pastime.  With some trial and error, I’ve discovered the most comfortable heel height for me is between 2-3.25″ and if possible, has a nice padded insert.  Block heels tend to be the most comfortable, but sometimes a stiletto is just prettier.  If I will be wearing them all day, I might put band aids on my pinky toes to prevent blisters. Also, wearing hose or tights helps with sweat, blisters and irritation from swelling.


For this post, I’m sharing some heels from few of the brands I love that are comfortable AND stylish!






Chase & Chloe

These are a brand I discovered on Amazon after I purchased a similar pair in Denver and wanted more.  Most of their heels are around 3.25″, the top of my heel height comfort, so I wear these for special occasions that don’t require an EXCESSIVE amount of walking, but they are still much more comfortable than other heels I wore in the past.

1. Cut Out Mary Janes (11 colors)

2. Bow Mary Janes (5 colors)

3. Cut Out T-Straps (33 colors)

4. Two Strap T-Straps (6 colors)





J. Renee

I happened upon J. Renee when I was listing over a pair of Kate Spade heels that were wayyyy out of my price range. I started looking up sparkly bow heels, and I found these beautiful gold/multi glitter heels at a fraction of the Kate Spade price that looked almost exactly the same!  Bonus, these heels have been comfortable enough to be my go-to wedding shoes that are danced approved!

1. Rhinestone Flower Block Heels (5 colors)

2. Bow Wedges (4 colors)

3. Leopard Kitten Heels (2 colors)

4. Bow Glitter Wedges (2 colors)




Lifestride is my favorite brand for my work shoes (#4 above) because I can go all day in them and have no blisters or pain.  They are on the simpler side of style, but still stylish and a decent price.

1. Patent Kitten Heels (2 colors)

2. Patent Heels (8 colors)

3. T-Straps

4. Mary Janes (2 colors)




6 Low Calorie Holiday Cocktails

The Holiday season is a great time for food and drinks with family and friends, but the calories can add up super fast!  I’ve been trying to keep myself at a calorie deficit, so all the parties will definitely be a test on my strength of will!  However, trying to keep your calories low doesn’t mean you have to avoid everything, it just means portion control and finding tasty alternatives.  As far as drinks are concerned, I want to enjoy a few without feeling guilty, and these 6 drink recipes will help with just that!


1. Cranberry Lime Mojito

This particular recipe I tried out myself the other day and its soooo good! Going to be my go-to for this holiday season!


2. Low Cal Apple Cranberry Sangria


3. Low Cal Cranberry Margarita


4. Skinny Eggnog


5. Pomegranate Champagne Punch


6. The Ginger Snap


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Holiday Wreath for $3!

The holiday season is upon us and I’m switching some of my fall decor out early, so I can add my favorite sparkly decorations around the house!  Though I love decorating, the cost can add up, so I’ve been creative this year on what I purchase.  The Dollar Tree has been my greatest asset!  There are plenty of cute decorations there (all a $1 each of course) and I’ve stock piled a few to create some holiday crafts.  My first Dollar Tree craft this season is a sparkly snowflake wreath and it’s super easy to make!



– Silver Wreath

– Large Snowflake ornament

– Pack of 2 medium snowflake ornaments

– Super Glue or hot glue

– 4 Twist ties (preferably silver or white) / string if twist ties aren’t available


1. Chose where you want your snowflakes to lay on the wreath.  I wanted the snowflakes (with the largest in the center) to be off center on the bottom of the wreath.

2. Starting with the large snowflake, use 2 twist ties to secure the ornament to the wire base of the wreath, which you can feel beneath the tinsel (on the large ornament, just loop the twist ties in places that won’t be completely visible to the naked eye).

3. Once the large snowflake is secure, loop a twist tie through the hole on a medium ornament and secure it to the wreath slightly beneath the large snowflake on the left side (which hides the twist tie, and creates the look of clustered snowflakes).

4. Repeat step 3 but secure the third snowflake on the right side.

5. The medium snowflakes will flop around, so use some glue to secure them to the wreath.

Voila! $3 Snowflake wreath!


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3 Ways to Upcycle A Damaged Blouse


One of my favorite things to do is score great finds at thrift shops, and I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I found this great, funky plaid silk blouse.  Though a little “loud,” I though it’d be a great Christmas season top.  However, when I got home from the shop, I discovered a rip along the button line.  It wasn’t a fixable problem, but there are plenty of alternative uses for great fabric!  Here are 3 ways I up-cycled this plaid blouse.



I wanted to still wear this as a blouse under cardigans, so my first project was to make a Dickie.  Most people have super dorky connotations of the Dickie (aka Christmas Vacation) but they are definitely back in style, in a much more chic way.  It gives you that button up look without the bulkiness of layering it under a sweater.  Here is an easy tutorial on how to make one.  Mine is definitelt not perfect, and it’s a bit uneven, but you don’t notice the imperfections once it’s under my cardigan.



Using some of the sleeve fabric I made a retro bow headband.  I’ve made them before, so I just winged it, but for a detailed tutorial, click here.




Since there were ruffles on the sleeve, I was able to make a super easy flower brooch by cutting off the ruffle, twisting it around and securing with thread.  I added a white covered button from my button box and a brooch pin on the back (secured with super glue).  For a similar concept, this link is a great option for a variety of different fabric flower brooches.



Grab a little helper like mine, put some Netflix on, and you have yourself a great winter project!


A Snippet of Portland, Maine



When I saw the opportunity to work an overnight charter to Maine, I jumped on the opportunity!  With my airline, overnights are rare, so it’s nice to pick up every so often and experience a new place.  Between the afternoon flights on Friday and evening flights on Saturday, I had just enough time to explore Portland.  Never having been to Portland, let alone Maine, I wasn’t sure what to expect…This little gem of a city stole my heart!  The port, seafood, and architecture is quintessential New England, and the fall colors made it that much more magical.

As we descended into Portland, I had a dazzling view of the shimmering sea and inlets covered in fall trees of all colors.  Our plane landed in Mac Air Airport, a swanky private airport decorated in sleek stone, tufted leather furniture and vintage plane memorabilia.  Once we had our cars, we drove to our hotel and got ready for the night.  Decked in a swishy sweater dress and my bright red coat, I met my coworkers to drive into town.


Driving into the city, I got my first glance of the New England style homes.  Siding painted in bright red, green and blue, wooden shingles adorning the roofs and facades, and crisp white trim on the multi-paneled windows.  Clustered together among brightly colored trees, you felt transported to November in the 1800s, when you’d see smokey chimneys and horse drawn carriages on cobblestone roads.

We arrived downtown and after a bit of walking, found a charming seafood restaurant on the water. As we descended down the walking bridge into DiMillo’s, once a huge car ferry, I admired the gleaming sail boats and fishing vessels on the now darkened ocean, lit faintly by the full moon.


Seated in a bi-level room of polished wood and classic maritime decor, we enjoyed soft bread and butter with our drinks.  I indulged in a tangerine martini, crisp and tart.  As we waited for our food, our hunger grew seeing the other patron’s delicious plates of fresh seafood and creamy pasta.  Once it did arrive, we were not disappointed!  The pilots and engineer cracked in to a full red lobster with butter, while the other flight attendants enjoyed crab cakes and pasta primavera.  I shared a dish of decadent lobster Mac and cheese with my co worker, so creamy and rich, with a slight crunch from the panko crumbs.


Our bellies full, some turned in for the night, while the rest of us decided to explore the town more. We happened upon a cobblestone street filled with bars, and decided on having some after-dinner drinks.  We enjoyed a country western bar with saddles for seats and a “stock exchange”  bar where the prices change in real time based on supply and demand.  Though lively with music and patrons, the bars weren’t crushed with people and were very relaxed.  Not one for the usual bar scene, this was a pleasant surprise.  Our night was cut short when one of our licenses was lost while giving some change to a stranger, so we ended our evening with some chatter around the fire pit back at the hotel.



The next day, after a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, we drove back in to the city for some shopping and site seeing.  Every building was charming with its historic Victorian detail and goods prettily displayed in the shop windows.  We meandered through town, enjoying the Scottish bagpipes playing in the background (a random occurrence we never figured out what was for), and picking up a few tokens to remember the trip.  I bought a little red lobster ornament with jingle bells from a maritime tourist shop, to adorn our travel themed Christmas tree.




As we went in and out of random shops that caught our eye, we discovered a donut shop that buzzing with people.  Wanting to know what the fuss was about, we discovered a unique bakery that made donuts with Maine mashed potatoes! The Holy Donut sounded strange but worth a try, and it turned into a deliciously local culinary experience.  Slightly denser than normal donuts, the heavier texture held in delicious favors that melted in your mouth.  We each got a different donut to share, and it was a fun experience to try quirky favors.  Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon Sugar, Maine Apple, and Triple Berry were among the favorites.



After our scrumptious treat, we explored the city a bit more, then decided it was time to see something truly New England, a lighthouse!  We drove to the nearest one, the Portland Breakwater Light, and were in awe of the rocky shore and dainty Grecian style lighthouse.  Though the smallest lighthouse I’ve ever seen, its historic detail and curving stone path were breathtaking on the sapphire ocean.  The salted air crisp on our faces, we enjoyed some time watching the sailboats glide across the waves as we leaned over the iron railing of the lighthouse.


With only a couple hours before we needed to report for duty, we found a local seafood restaurant near the hotel.  Casual and family-oriented, this little spot with checkered table cloths and simple decor was the perfect place to grab some lunch.  Among our table, we enjoyed a tuna roll, lobster roll and crab melt, all equally delicious.  Also needing something for the flight home, I got some crab cakes for the road, so I could enjoy once last scrumptious Maine seafood treat.


Though my time was short in Portland, it was immensely enjoyable, a trip to come back with my husband is already on my list!  If you are in the area, I highly recommend this charming place.


Dresses For The Holiday Season

Now that November is here, my favorite time of year has arrive! The parties, the festive decor, the food, and the gathering of friends and family…it’s a glorious time.  I also immensely enjoy dressing up for the holidays (shocker, right?) Twirling dresses, a touch of plaid or sparkle, and vibrant colors to contrast with the gloomy weather outside.  Here are my top picks for each occasion of this holiday season!




I love wearing warm colors for thanksgiving, like burnt orange or wine red.  It’s also one of the rare times I like to accent with brown, since it seems very fitting for the occasion.





1. Golden Yellow Rose Dress

2. Brown Koi Dress

3. Orange Key Hole Dress

4. Plaid Hankerchief Dress

5. Yellow Bell Sleeve Dress

6. Plaid Shirt Dress 




For Christmas I enjoy cozy velvets, bright plaid/buffalo check, polka dots, and lots of red!





1. Black Plaid Shirt Dress

2. Blue Plaid Swing Dress

3. Red Cowl Neck Dress

4. Velvet Scalloped Dress

5. Red Shiny Dress

6. Polka Dot Dress




New Year’s Eve is a time for sparkle, and lots of it! But if glitter is not your thing, there are plenty of glamorous dresses to choose from, with pops of color or classic black.



1. Green Lace Dress

2. Teal Lace Dress

3. Black Snowflake Dress

4. Pink Velvet Dress

5. Navy Star Dress

6. Lace Bell Sleeve Dress



5 Yummy Hot Chocolate Recipes


There are so many things to enjoy about fall, the leaves, the holidays, cozy sweaters and hot beverages to warm your hands AND your appetite.  My favorite to drink is hot cocoa, but sometimes I want something fancier than Swiss Miss and mini marshmallows.  Here are my top recipe picks to jazz up your hot chocolate!


This recipe comes from the NY Times, and it’s my all time favorite version of hot cocoa!  I love the kick of chili to really spice my palette, and the rich dark chocolate.


– 3 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped
– 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
– 2 tablespoons sugar, or to taste
– ⅜ teaspoon ancho chile powder, or to taste
– 1 ¾ cups whole milk
– ¼ cup heavy cream
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
– Marshmallows or whipped cream, optional

In a medium pot, whisk together chocolate, cocoa, sugar and chile. Place pan over medium-low heat and whisk until chocolate begins to melt. Slowly whisk in milk, then cream. Drop in cinnamon stick. Bring to a simmer.
Remove pot from heat. Cover pot tightly and steep 1 hour. Whisk in vanilla and taste for sweetness, adding more sugar if you like. Warm over low heat before straining and serving hot, with marshmallows or whipped cream if desired.



This recipe comes from the Food Network, and is a refreshing mix of cool and warm.


– 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
– 1 1/2 cups milk
– 1/4 cup sugar
– 1/8 teaspoon salt
– 6 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped
– 3 drops peppermint oil
– Sweetened whipped cream, for garnish
– Chocolate shavings, for garnish


In a saucepan, combine the cream, milk, sugar, and salt and heat over medium-low heat. When the cream mixture just begins to steam, add the chopped chocolate, and stir, until melted. Stir in the peppermint oil. Divide the hot chocolate among mugs and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.


This white hot chocolate recipes comes from Gimm Some Oven, and this is perfect for those who don’t like rich chocolate and want something sweet and creamy.



– 4 cups of milk of your choice (or you can substitute heavy cream or half and half, or do a mixture)
– 1 tsp. vanilla extract, store-bought or homemade
– 8 oz. white chocolate, chopped into small pieces (or white chocolate chips)
– whipped cream or marshmallows for topping


Stir together milk, vanilla and chopped white chocolate in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until the white hot chocolate comes to a simmer. (Do not let it come to a boil.) Remove from heat and serve immediately, topped with whipped cream or marshmallows if desired.



This recipe is from The Garlic Diaries and if you are a peanut butter lover like me, all you thinking right now is “yuuummmm.”


– 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
– 1½ tablespoons sugar
– 2 tablespoons water
– 1 cup 2% milk
– 1 tablespoon peanut butter
– 1 teaspoon brewed coffee
– ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
– Small pinch of salt


In a small pot, add your cocoa powder, sugar, and water
Heat over medium heat, whisking until the mixture is simmering and thoroughly combined.  Add your milk, peanut butter, salt, coffee, and vanilla.  Whisk until everything is completely combined (it might need to heat up a bit before the peanut butter totally mixes in).  You may want to run a spoon or rubber spatula along the inner edge of the pan in case any of the cocoa/sugar mixture is stuck in there where your whisk can’t reach.
Heat until hot and almost simmering, but don’t let the milk simmer too hard or boil! It will scorch and mess up the flavor.
Optional toppings: whipped cream



This Christmas in a cup recipe is from Savory Nothings, and is the epitome of the holiday season!


– 4 cups milk
– 4 teaspoons gingerbread spice (if you don’t have – gingerbread spice mix readily available you can use a mix of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and ginger)
– 1/4 cup dutch processed cocoa powder unsweetened
– 2 tablespoons sugar
– 2 tablespoons honey
– 1 tablespoon dark molasses
– Whipped cream for topping optional


Add all ingredients to a small pot and bring to a simmer while whisking. Heat until the sugar has dissolved and serve hot topped with whipped cream if desired.

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My Packing Tips & Products

Though I’ve been an avid traveler all my life, the rate in which I travel now is exponential compared to before! Being a flight attendant, I’m afforded the opportunity to travel very cheaply, and I certainly take advantage. Flying standby though, means it’s unpredictable whether I will make it on a flight, so I don’t take chances with checked luggage. This means I need to pack as much as I can in a carry on and personal item, whether it’s for a weekend trip, or two weeks. I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, and certain products have made packing SO much easier! Packing light doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style (which I touch upon on this previous blog post), it just means your chosen pieces should be multi-functional.


Here are a few of my personal tips and product suggestions for traveling light (in all seasons):

I’ve learned to pair down my toiletries and makeup over the years, because they were taking up way too much of my bag. For a woman, that can be pretty hard sometimes! If you need a fair amount of items like me, the trick is to make the items as small as possible, while still getting to keep them in your bag.

Here are some examples:
– Though these shaving creams are travel size, they still take up too much space in my toiletries bag. Instead, I starting using a shaving cream that comes in a small tube, like this. These single use shaving pods are also a great choice, which I think I’ll be ordering next!


– Face moisturizer was the same dilemma. If possible, I use samples of moisturizer (like birch box samples), but if I need more (or you need your specific moisturizer every time you travel), I squeeze my moisturizer into a smaller bottle.

Processed with VSCO with q7 preset
– I’m the most picky about my hair spray, I only like one type and I tend to do up dos while traveling for fuss free hair, so quality hair spray is important. Luckily, my brand of hair spray comes in a travel size, so I don’t have to resort to the cheap brands in the travel toiletry isle. Check out stores or websites like Amazon, to see if your brand comes in travel size too!

– When we stay in hotels, my husband always brings the complimentary hotel toiletries back with him. I prefer these bottles to the store bought travel size because they are even smaller. I don’t need much shampoo and conditioner since I use dry shampoo (also in travel size) between washes, so it saves on space. If you dislike the cheap quality of the hotel shampoos, just remove what’s in there, wash, and fill with your own shampoo.

When it comes to makeup, I pair down my routine to the minimum. Sparkly neutral eye shadow, liquid eyeliner pen, mascara, BB cream, sometimes blush, lip primer, and a few lipsticks. Lipsticks is the only thing I indulge in having a few, since I like wearing bright lips that coordinate with my outfit. If you like a more subtle shade, I suggest a pinky neutral that goes with all outfits.


I also carry a teasing comb, Bobby pins and hair flowers, headbands or barrettes. These are easy ways to change up a recycled outfit during your trip, without taking up much space in your carry on.

Shoes are a major travel struggle for me. I don’t like scrimping on style, but with the amount of walking I do, they need to be comfortable (which I’ve learned the hard way). I haven’t found my perfect travel sandal yet (picky on what goes with retro style, that is reasonably priced) but these two shoes travel with me almost every trip!

These cap toe croc flats are super comfy, go with everything, and are rubber so they can be easily washed. I sometimes wear hose (with dresses/skirts) or hosiery socks (with pants) to reduce sweating and irritation with them. Sometimes, no matter how great the shoe, if you walk a lot and your feet are sweaty and swollen, you need an extra layer of comfort. This particular pair is discontinued on the Crocs site, but there are plenty of equally great pairs of comfy flats on the site.


When I wear jeans while traveling, I wear these fabulous Oxford tennis shoes. I always hated wearing normal tennis shoes (too sporty), but these have a classic retro aesthetic and are VERY comfortable. Worth the investment!


Since I fly stand by, I have to dress business casual for my flights. However, I still want to be comfortable, especially on long flights. This dress has been a life saver! It’s a stretchy cotton that hardly wrinkles, is flattering on all sizes, great length, and has pockets! I have it in black to keep it neutral, so that I can dress it up with a variety of scarves, statement necklaces, sweaters and belts. It’s worn practically every trip I take, since it’s my easiest, but super classy option.


Many people know that rolling vs folding your clothes saves on space, but what many belatedly realize, is that those perfect rolls don’t stay for long, when you need something at the bottom of your bag. And it’s ALWAYS at the bottom of your bag…
I use these packing cubes to contain my rolled clothes because it keeps things organized when rifling through my carry on, and it helps squish my clothing even more than just rolling.


Shoes carry OODLES of dirt and germs from walking on the streets and I don’t like them to be touching my clean clothes. I prefer using these bags to keep them contained, and the same goes for my dirty undergarments (and sometimes clothes). Though I’m still packing these dirty clothes back into my cubes, I like to keep them further divided by rolling them and putting into the bags, then placing inside the cubes, separated from the clean clothes.


Instead of just a purse for my personal item, I use this small shoulder tote to fit any extra items (including my cross body purse), in case my carry on just won’t fit everything. It usually contains my essentials for the plane, like my iPad, snacks and any medication I may need. It still fits under the seat, while giving me plenty more space for extra items. Funny enough, my duffel is actually a diaper bag, but it’s perfect for its size, washable material, and thick carry strap! It’s Kate Spade, so usually would be quite expensive, but was actually around $100 on sale.  If you are looking for something cheaper though, here are some options.



Some to prefer to invest a pretty penny for quality bags that last forever, and some want the cheapest possible if they don’t travel a lot. I prefer the middle of the road. I like changing my bag every few years, so I keep my investment between $40-$100. My usual criteria is 4 wheels for ultimate mobility, a distinct pattern of color for style and easy finding (when rarely checked), and an zipper extender that can add a few more inches of packing space.


Stripes                              Geometric                           Paris

I hope you find these tips and products helpful for your next trip. Happy travels!


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Chalk Spray Paint for Furniture

When when my husband and I moved into our home last year, we discovered our dining table, perfect for our small apartment, was swallowed by our new, large dining room.    I had been waiting for a good replacement, when a family member was kind enough to give us their beautiful inlayed wood dining table! The table was vintage and the perfect size, but now we needed more chairs to fill the space.


Luckily, they also gave us two chairs, which had great bones, just needed a makeover.


Though mismatched, our existing chairs are dark grey and black and go together well.  The new additions needed to add to the eclectic vibe while still being color cohesive.  I decided on black for the wood, and to reupholster the seats in a similar dark grey to the existing chairs.  However, I’m the first to admit I hate a lot of prep work when it comes to furniture upcycling.

Chalk Paint is the answer to my furniture prepping woes! It doesn’t require sanding, usually doesn’t require multiple coats, and is durable.  However, for a small project like two dining chairs, a quart of paint and sealer for $30+ wasn’t ideal, so I looked for alternatives.


I discovered Krylon Chalky Paint and it was sooooo easy to use! It dried super fast, had great coverage, and only took 1.5 cans ($4 each on sale with a 40% off coupon at Michael’s).  It’s smooth to the touch, so it didn’t require a sealant and I had the chairs painted and reupholstered in less than a day.  If you are looking for a more detailed review of Krylon Chalky Spray Paint spray paint, I recommend this post.

Here are the results! They are a great addition to our eclectic dining room.



Vintage Fall Color Inspiration: Dark Purple

I don’t know what it is, but dark purple reminds me of magic.  Velvet robes swirling with twinkling stars…

I guess wizards are on my mind since I’ll be leaving for Harry Potter World today!! Or it could be this fabulous star dress I wore last weekend.  Accessorized with star earrings and glittery shoes, it was the perfect ensemble!


My purple vintage scarf and light weight lace top were great for my travels in the mild weathered United Kingdom.


This sweetheart busted dress, dark purple and wine red, has been a favorite in my closet for many a special occasions.  Unlike, a brighter purple, it’s deep hue is striking but understated.


If if you are looking to add some dark purple to your wardrobe, here are my picks:




1. Plaid Dress

2. Bell Sleeve Dress

3. Cat Print Dress

4. Satin Dress



1 Sheer Top

2. Cat Print Top

3. Cropped Cardigan



1. Velvet Pants

2. Pencil Skirt

3. Ombre Star Skirt



1. Tri Tone Earrings

2. Peacock Sequin Clutch

3. Rhinestone Velvet Heels